Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tonight there were Angels in Hell's Kitchen

The Angel Foundation is a wonderful group that helps adults with cancer and their families.  Through education, emotional and financial support, they assist familes to maintain a sense of stability and resilience while facing cancer.  As part of their mission, The Angel Foundation has "Facing Cancer Together" programs that offer education and support to the children of parents diagnosed with cancer. 

This winter, a hip-hop group, The Level Heads, worked with a group of teenagers- each who has a parent(s) with cancer- to talk about their feelings using music.  Natalie was asked to join this group, known as "Benefactor" which met for several weeks this winter to put their feelings about cancer into words and music. 

Tonight, Benefactor's song "Reality Check" was released at a party at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis. 


The warm-up bands included the talented Brian Leighton (of GB Leighton), who has also battled cancer, and The Level Heads, who provided creative assistance.

After the group song/video, each person could sing a song by themselves if they chose to.  Natalie sang a cover of Taylor Swift's song, "Ours." 

It felt fitting that Olivia joined Natalie on the stage.   Cancer was the theme and Olivia was cancer's gift to our family....