Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

Nearly 5 years ago, Dr. Laudi told me the statistics and my chances of living for 5 years with Stage IV breast cancer.  Well, I am still here!!!

I live with a cancer.... however, I feel stuck. I love my Oncologist, but I feel his focus is on comfort, on having hair, on managing pain.  I feel he has accepted that he is trying to stay a step ahead of the game, but I feel he has never set out to "cure it". I don't want to simply manage pain. I hate that pain is a telltale sign that a new tumor is growing. I want this cancer gone! I want a lifetime...

I am on my 7th drug/chemo in five years. I am told there are not many more drugs/chemos I can take. I want a CURE! I have been talking to many people and maybe I am coming to the end of the road with my doctor and my clinic. I think it's time to get another opinion, seek a fresh perspective. I am not done living!

Joy and Happiness are choices that come from the inside out. Sharing my joy and happiness with you:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday, Olivia Joy!

Olivia Joy was born 4 years ago today! 
Cancer will always be bittersweet for me.
With all the fear and doubt it brought to my life,
it also carried this precious gift to my family.
Olivia has stolen the hearts of many-
mine most of all.
I am forever grateful for all her "moms"
who shared their breast milk with her and helped her grow
for the first 18 months of her life!

Happy 4th Birthday, Olivia Joy!