Monday, October 12, 2009

Grateful and Humbled

I am grateful for and humbled by the generosity of my family, friends, church, and the people I work with at Children's Hospital.

Our house is clean. Our children and dog are cared for. I have received messages, cards, emails, and calls from many people. I am the subject of many thoughts and prayers. After learning how much pain I have been in, our church offered to help us buy a comfortable, overstuffed chair that is big enough for a mom, 2 daughters and a dog to curl up in and read books. My Aunt Cindy made me a beautiful quilt in blues and purples- it looks like stained glass. People at Children's Hospital gave me a gift card for groceries and have anonymously donated vacation hours to me, so I'm still getting a paycheck (and my health insurance is paid).

I am overwhelmed. I don't know how to Thank You enough...

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