Monday, October 26, 2009

More appointments...

I dropped Larissa off at Amy's house to play with her cousin, Terran, while I headed to my doctor appt.

Today, Dr. Laudi put me on steroids to see if that would help with my pain. He ordered a CT and Bone scan. Tumor markers were drawn. Then, Mark went to work and my mom and I headed to the infusion center for my Zometa.

My nurse, Lisa, used to work with my mom at Children's Hospital so they caught up while Lisa started an IV in my arm and ran the Zometa over an hour. Hearing them talking about work, made me miss work. I thought about how I had been making plans to finish my college degree, now that Larissa would be in kindergarten next Fall. I was headed for nursing school before cancer... for now, cancer is like a full-time job.

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