Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback: March 12, 2012: Orthopedic Conference

Mark and I went to the University of Minnesota Hospital for an ortho consult.  To my surprise, I was admitted to the hospital on the spot.  The surgeons are unsure of how to proceed, so they are consulting ortho specialists far and wide.  I am on complete bedrest.  They are bouncing around words like "total hip replacement," so they have our attention. 

My awesome sister, Amy, took over our parenting duties- picking up Amore from our house and Natalie and Larissa after school, feeding them and caring for them.  I don't worry at all when they are with her, which allows Mark and I to focus on the decisions at hand.

To spare you the suspense:  I AM NOT having a Total Hip Replacement.  I WILL NOT sign a consent for one. 

Mark asked a million questions.  He asked for doctor's opinions and about their level of experience.  He learned that many of the experienced Ortho Specialists are currently out of town attending a Ortho Conference.  Mark told them we will wait until they return to decide.  

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