Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Special Care Nursery

Because Olivia is doing so well she no longer needs to be in the NICU, so she was transferred to Special Care Nursery at Abbott. Her weight is still stable and she is getting 10ml per feeding.

When we initially had our pre-admission tour of the hospital, we were taken to both of these units. The NICU at Children's is brand new with private rooms and a designated place for parents. SCN at Abbott is set up like a ward with 3-4 babies per room and no place for parents to stay. When we went there today, we arrived around 2pm with Natalie and Larissa. We were told that the babies have 'quiet time' from 2-4pm and due to space they need to limit visitors. It feels different, more 'old school' in a way. The contrast is so dramatic that Mark actually requested that Olivia be sent to the NICU at birth- not really understanding that babies are sent to a particular nursery based on the level of care they need. (Well, he probably understood, but just liked the NICU setup better). Regardless, it is a positive step that she has moved to SCN. Aesthetics should not really matter. Remember, Mark's great-grandmother was sleeping in a shoebox next to the fireplace.

Olivia's doctor said the only reason she is still in the hospital is because she needs to learn to eat on her own. He estimated this could take 2-3 weeks. We are truly blessed.

After dinner, we are heading back to see her.   

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