Friday, August 6, 2010

Carseat Test

Olivia was positioned and strapped into her carseat, then monitored for about an hour. She had no apnea or any other problems, so she PASSED her carseat test. She hasn't had any apnea spells since last Monday and the doctor told us if babies don't have any for 5 days it is felt they have matured enough to handle the multitasking involved with eating, swallowing, spitting up, breathing, etc. If she has another apnea spell, she will stay in the hospital a bit longer or have an apnea monitor at home.

She took all of her 38ml feeding this morning. Her weight is up to 4lbs 9oz. I hold her, wrapped in a receiving blanket I will take home to Amore. I leave these blankets on the sofa and let Amore find them. Soon, she is sniffing, arranging, or climbing under them for a little nap.

Larissa loves to help me give Olivia a bath- washing her, brushing her hair, dressing her in little clothes. This is our plan for the evening, after a little nap myself :)

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