Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Closer to home

Tonight, my mom and I went to the hospital for Olivia's 8pm feeding. Her NG tube has been removed and she is being fed ad lib. She is taking 40-60ml about every 3 hours. Her weight is up to 4lbs 13oz. Her last apnea spell happened a few days ago while she was sleeping, two hours after a feeding. Olivia ate well for me tonight, then my mom and I took turns holding and cuddling her.

This morning, I spoke to a doctor about bringing Olivia home on an apnea monitor. I am familiar with apnea monitors. As a nursing assistant, I have helped care for babies that are on them. Olivia will be 37 weeks gestational age this Thursday, so the doctor said she will only need to be on one for a few weeks and only when she is asleep in her bassinet or riding in her carseat. Basically, whenever someone is not holding her or watching her. We have a class tomorrow to learn how to use the monitor and to learn infant CPR.

My mom and I left the hospital during a downpour- we ran laughing through the rain to the car. I always feel a tug in my heart when I leave the hospital, like I am leaving a part of myself behind. A part that I need. Soon, she will be coming home with me and our whole family will be together :)

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