Friday, November 12, 2010


Tonight, we were at a Girl Scout ceremony, watching as Natalie and the girls in her troop received the badges they had earned. I was standing at the back of the room holding Olivia, so I could step out in case she started fussing. Olivia just looked around taking everything in. Standing next to me was a mother trying to keep her two young sons quiet.

Names were read off- one at a time- and a pause as the girl stepped forward to collect her badge. Suddenly, in the silence, Olivia started passing gas. Loudly. The woman next to me gave a disapproving look to her boys and whispered, "It is not appropriate for you to be farting in public. We have talked about this."

I felt kind-of guilty that two innocent boys took the blame for Olivia's toots, so I approached the mother after the ceremony and confessed that my baby was the source. A puzzled look crossed her face as she looked at my little baby. She probably recalled the decibel level of the fart. "That's funny." she said and started laughing. (I wonder if she thought I was covering for myself)

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