Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Stinky Pinky

These images speak for themselves,
but it's my blog
 and I will speak for them.
Stinky Pinky Grippy Gardening


Wite-Out Breast Cancer

Stinky Pinky Pens

Breast Cancer SUCKS!

Breast Cancer Hair Products

"Fighting Breast Cancer with Grease Fighting Power"

Breast Cancer Snacks

Breast Cancer Crafts

Breast Cancer Treats







  1. Hi Sarah,
    I met you yesterday at Kohls. I've taken the time to read most of your blog, as I knew I would be, I am awed by your strength. It radiates from you. I know how hard sometimes it can be, I'can't say I'm lucky, but all cases are different, and my 3 kids were all grown when I went through this. I can't imagine having to everyday get up, and get kids,let alone a baby, ready for the day and for school. You are an amazing girl, and I wish so many more people knew, and could understand, that you do it because you have to. It's who you are, cancer or no, you are a mother, and you do what needs to be done as a mother. God Bless you ! I will not forget you, I will check in on you, and keep you in my prayers. Women go through this all the time, all have a story. Some are very scary, some are easy, and some are so inspirational. I think yours is one of those. I remember how much the people in my life helped me to stay positive, and made me feel loved. They also made me feel like I mattered. Remember how much you matter to people. Know that you are never alone, there are people who really care and pray for you. Sometimes you have to have a little pity party,everyone does, and it sometimes helps release all the anger and frustration. Let it all out, and be done with it. No one will be mad, and you won't disappoint anyone.
    I wish you and your family so much happiness and many years to make happy memories. God Bless you <3
    Melanie Bryant

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Me again, wanted to leave you my e-mail address,