Monday, May 12, 2014

Nitrous Oxide :D

About a year and a half ago, Olivia was running around as usual, when she fell and chipped one of her front teeth.  Since this tooth was saving a spot for her permanent tooth, her dentist advised us to leave it alone and "just watch it." 
During this time, we watched it discolor slightly.  We watched and reported a cavity that appeared to be forming.  Then, she developed an abscess and her dentist said there was no way- and really no reason- to save this tooth,
so today she got it pulled. 
Sounds like the makings of a traumatic experience for a little girl,
but it wasn't
Thanks to nitrous oxide.
Olivia's got gas! 

(Wish I had the soundtrack to share)
There is something innately magical about Laughter,
something spiritually joyful,
something gratefully happy,
something that dissolves the rigid lines around our seriousness and worries,
something that diffuses and scatters negativity,
something that not only points at the elephants in the room-
or the elephants in our lives or the elephants inside us-
but creates a space, a lightness
for all to be seen and put in perspective,   
something that feels silly and simple, deep and profound,
a beautiful celebration of life! 
Listening to Olivia giggle and shriek with such wild abandon
 -unable to stop herself, not even trying to-
 and just being present as she surrendered
to all those somethings bubbling up inside her,
 spilling out into the world,
I had to laugh... 
Olivia's smile.
Did Olivia care that she got her tooth pulled?
She liked the giggle gas!

Plus, we found some S. Pinky Treats on the way home.
Wherever you are at this moment-
May giggles be with you.

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