Saturday, June 14, 2014

Angel Foundation Kids Kamp

My family has been blessed by Angels! We are grateful to the Angel Foundation, an organization here in Minnesota formed to help parents with cancer and their families with non-medical expenses such as rent, gas, food, etc. They also provide support to the children in families touched by cancer. They hold fun events for families to attend together and also camps and teen events. For the past three years, Natalie and Larissa have attended The Angel Foundation Kids Kamp. I am grateful for all the love and support the staff and volunteers put into this. When a parent has cancer, it feels very scary and lonely at times. I am grateful that Natalie and Larrisa were given this opportunity to connect with other kids who share this journey.

This year Natalie was a Teen Mentor. Thank you, Angel Foundation. 

Here is this year's video!!

PS: The Angel Foundation is an awesome group! To learn more about them:

If you ever want to donate money to help people with cancer- please donate to them!


  1. What a cool video! Did I see one of your kids in there? It looked like Larissa.

  2. Larissa at 2:54, Natalie 2:08 and 3:24