Friday, March 20, 2015


Sharing glimpses of my Dream...

Waikiki beach

Enjoying the beach,
 making sand castles,
 and daydreaming.

Making new friends

Beautiful days!
So grateful for this time together!

Thank You, Ally's Wish!
This trip was so much more than we could have
ever dreamed of!

Sand between my toes. Footprints on the beach. Bittersweet paths we walk. Mark looks behind him... wishing he could share this experience and his photos with his mom. I look ahead... to a beach where my prints will be forever washed away with the tide... but for today... a gift...

Today, I hold the hands of those I love and feel the the Earth breathing as the waters rush in, then out. I stand in silence and let the sunset paint brilliant colors on my soul. I splash and play in the ocean with my girls, knowing this may be the very last time... also, knowing the most precious moment we have in life- the only moment that really matters- is the one we are living right now! So grateful for now!

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