Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to Work

Today, I met with a woman from Human Resources at Children's Hospital and my new manager to discuss my return to work. Since I have been on my leave for a year now, I need to go back to work or lose my job. I really need my job, because I need my health insurance. Our plan is to ease me back into my position (I work 9am-9pm Saturdays and Sundays) over the next month or so.

I hold my sleeping baby and, as usual, my heart feels torn at the thought of leaving her. I have always taken off more time after my babies were born. Though I wish I had another month or two off, I know I am fortunate to work part-time. Olivia will be in Mark's hands and Natalie and Larissa love to help with their sister. I feel both nervous and a bit excited to get back to work.

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