Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nanny for hire- will work for treats and kisses

                                       Naptime with Amore

Our family is settling into a routine. Amore takes her 'job' very seriously- watching over Olivia, cleaning her face and feet, taking naps next to her. Dr. Wheeler, from Children's Hospital, evaluated the download from Olivia's apnea monitor and called to tell us that she is having no apnea spells, so we can just use the monitor when she is unattended or sleeping at night. She is eating well and growing. Her weight is around 5-6 pounds.

On September 2, I had blood drawn for lab tests. Then, we stopped at the clinic down the hall. Dr. Laudi smiled as he gently took Olivia into his arms.

"Looks like you like your baby." Mark joked.

"She is beautiful." Dr. Laudi said, "A blessing."

Dr. Laudi carefully passed Olivia to his nurse, Beth, so she could have a turn. Of course, we forgot to bring our camera and the pictures I took with my cell phone didn't do justice to the image before me. I guess I have to accept the fact that we don't always get a hard copy of each special moment of our lives. Sometimes, we just see the picture through our eyes- letting it fill us with light and shadows and magic- then, we store it as memory in our hearts.

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