Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doggy Kisses

Olivia's apnea spell got me thinking. When I worked as a nursing assistant at Children's Hospital, I remember the OT department coming with a bag of different bottles and nipples to try with babies who were having various feeding difficulties. I thought about Olivia and how she appeared to get overwhelmed with sucking, breathing, swallowing, and maybe swallowing a lot of air in the process. I found a curved bottle that keeps the nipple filled and the bottle is also designed to vent the air out. Olivia has had no apnea spells since. Of course, she is also growing more mature- which plays a huge part. Also, Amore likes to lick Olivia's face or ears or feet which tends to keep Olivia awake and focused during feedings. So, everyone is doing what they can to help :)

We are so happy Olivia is home. She doesn't cry much- only when her diaper is changed or when she is hungry. She is held or carried much of the time- so I can make up for all the time she spent away from me. When I hold her close and look at her- I am still in awe.

Natalie and Larissa are getting ready to start school. Nan is in Fifth grade and Larissa starts kindergarten. For now, we try to squeeze the most out of our last days of summer. One more swim, one more short road trip, one more picnic in the sun... cherishing every day.

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