Monday, November 1, 2010


The weather has been so beautiful, warm and sunny. We have taken our girls to the apple orchard, to a pumpkin patch to choose our future jack-o-lanterns, then tonight we went to my parent's house for trick-or-treating with their cousins. This year I bought Olivia's costume, but Natalie and Larissa wanted to try to make theirs.

Nan wanted to be a mummy. We dug through her dresser and found an old light-colored sweatshirt with sweatpants. I found a white sheet on clearance and we cut it into strips, then sewed the strips to the sweatsuit. We also made a mask for over her face and cut holes for her eyes.

Larissa wanted to be a chocolate-chip cookie. I found some remnant fabrics and cut 2 large circles out of light brown, then I sewed around the edge leaving openings for her head, arms and legs. Larissa cut the chips out of dark brown fabric (they looked more like chocolate chunks- yummy). We glued the chips on.

Olivia was warm and snug in her skunk suit. She only sprayed a couple of trick-or-treaters when they suggested that she looked like a doll- even so, she just looked cute.

Amore, Nora, and Daisy greeted children at the door, giving kisses as treats and trying to sneak treats from the bags of the unsuspecting. *Teachable Moment: Chocolate is deadly to dogs. I don't know why. I agree it's unfair. No, not even a tiny piece. They got some dried sweet potato treats instead.

By the time we got home, the mummy was becoming unraveled, the cookie unglued, the skunk was a bit stinky, and Amore was stealing candy wrappers in a hopeful way :)

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