Monday, June 3, 2013

Chemo # 2 (NKTR-102)

Here's the drill. Labs checked a few days before, then I go to the clinic infusion center.  Peripheral IV is started.  Chemo drips into my arm for 90 minutes.  I read magazines, talk to my mom and Mark (if he is not busy), look up cool stuff on Pinterest on my phone and then go home to clean the house, take the kids to the beach and hopefully get a nap. 

Fatigue, nausea and stomach pain are my main  side effects- a small price to pay for killing cancer cells.  My body is still a battlefield, but I am holding my ground.  After the next round, I will have scans to check the progress.

Thank you for thinking of me.  As always, it is what it is. Let go of fear and all the things we do not control.  Believe. It is a beautiful day- I am part of it and so are you.  Get out there and feel your place in the whole- woven in and connected to all....

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