Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dr. Laudi and Olivia Joy

Dr. Laudi, my Oncologist, holding Olivia nearly 3 years ago. 
I think it's a stretch to call something like cancer a blessing, but I have no other word to express my feelings, my gratitude for the opportunity to know this compassionate man and to have a daughter I never planned or believed was even a possibility (given the ovary suppressing drugs I was taking). 
Dr Laudi said, "Hope springs from life in ways we don't expect."  He is right.  It does. A little hope goes a long way.  It led me to here.  It carried me to now. 
Cancer has presented me with challenges.  Cancer has offered me gifts.  I am open to this balance both bitter and sweet.  I have cursed cancer at the top of my lungs using 4-letter words that burned on their flight from my lips.  I have been humbled by cancer as it forced me to the present moment and we spoke to each other, whispering words that are often left unsaid.  Dr. Laudi and Olivia are two of the many, many gifts cancer gave to me.   The teachers in life that can touch us so deeply, teach us so boldly, awaken us so completely.... are simply and profoundly... a blessing.     

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  1. Olivia is a gift, and she is so precious!

    You're right, cancer in some ways, is a gift, though not too many people see it that way. You have a very positive attitude Sarah!