Thursday, July 11, 2013

PET scan results

Results: My L4 lesion is still there, but slightly smaller.  Dr. Laudi has decreased the dose of NKTR-102 to decrease the side effects I was having.  He said this chemo typically goes slow and acts longer.  That is why it is given every 21 days or so. 

I looked at the PET scan images.  He pulled up my previous ones from May and December.  It didn't look smaller to me from May, but Dr. Laudi said the radiologists that read them are taking precise measurements.  These measurements showed decrease in size. 

Since it is only one spot, my mom asked about radiation.  That would be a quick kill for those cancer cells, but Dr. Laudi had several reasons not to do that right now:
- First, the area is not causing me pain.  If it was painful, then radiation.
- I can't get radiation and chemo at the same time and he feels with the decrease in dose the side effects are manageable AND the lesion is getting smaller, so it is moving in the right direction.
- The lesion itself is a good visual marker of how the chemo is working. 
- Once radiation is used at that site, it can't be used to that site again.  Dr. Laudi says he wants to keep that card in his hand in case he wants to play it later.

I agree with the plan.  We all do.  Only once I had to say, "Hey, Mark, this is about me."  I think Mark was trying to sell Dr. Laudi a house in our neighborhood during my appointment.  Mark is not a realtor.  Mark was talking location, man-made lake, opinions on builders, and the fact that we have several doctors in our neighborhood already- Mark knows, he drives them all to the airport.  I don't know what else was said.  Appointment was done.  Time for me and my mom to go.  I am used to this.  Mark likes people and likes to talk.  He also knows his way home. 

Overall, good news! Labs next Thursday and if they are good, NKTR-102 #4 on July 22. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

    Just popped over here from Conversion Diary. Reading your posts I couldn't help but think of Ruth Pakuluk, a Catholic mom whose cause for canonization has been opened. She had a baby in between chemo treatments for breast cancer. Her book is really beautiful; it is The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God. You will be in our prayers!

  2. Found this comment on Conversion Diary. Thought I would copy and paste here, because she said she wasn't able to leave a comment. This is from Jessica.

    I just visited Sarah’s blog and wanted to leave a comment, but I do not have any of the “required” accounts (I know, I know – who doesn’t have gmail? This girl!)

    May the Mother of the Lord – the Mother of us all – bring them closer each day to the Son. May Jesus bless them and aid them and may they feel His comfort, His grace and His love.
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  3. Just read through the entire post finally--great news overall, like you said! I will pretend that I understand all the medical lingo. :-)

    Too funny about Mark! Yes, he does like to talk! Did you leave him there at the appt??? (Poor Dr.Ladi! Haha!)