Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Fun is what you bring with you!"

I work in the Materials Management Department at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis which means I make sure the supplies that nurses and doctors need to take good care of children are stocked and available.  Today, in my travels throughout the hospital, I happened to look out the window at a beautiful summer day and I saw this: 

I found a flyer.  Apparently, there was an event going on right outside the hospital.  A motorcycle group rode to the hospital and displayed their bikes in an effort to raise money for cancer awareness.  From inside the hospital, it looked like a party, so I talked my co-worker, Soloman, into checking it out with me. 

The first thing we noticed was a big bouncy-house.  Things were just getting set up, not many people gathered yet.  I couldn't look at that bouncy house without wanting to bounce. 

"Soloman, let's go bounce in the bouncy house!"  I said.

He shook his head and laughed, ""No."

"Ok, then.  Your loss."  I walked up to a table and had to sign a waiver in case my bouncing led to serious injuries.  I took my chances.  I climbed in and I bounced.  A person can't bounce without laughing.  Try it sometime.  It's impossible.  People can't watch a person bouncing and laughing without laughing, too.  I love win-win-win situations!

A vintage car pulled up onto the sidewalk between the hospital and the specialty clinic building.  The license plate said "Cancer" and it had big frowning faces painted on it.  I approached the man who drove it and asked him about it.  He told me his grandfather had died of cancer and he is trying to save people from cancer by raising awareness.  He calls this a "No-Mercy Movement."  I noticed there were signatures on the frowning faces.  He said he has people with cancer sign his car.  I told him I have cancer.  He asked me to sign.

To see more info visit  Not a bad way to spend a lunch break!!!


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  1. Love how you wrote your name! (You have really nice handwriting too!)