Friday, August 16, 2013

Larissa Ashley is 9 years old!

On September 4, 2004, my sweet Larissa was born. She was greeted into this world by her Dad, Grandma, Aunt Amy, and Aunt Ashley. The night before I went into labor we picked out her middle name- Ashley- after my sister.  When Larissa was born we gave Ashley the honor of cutting the cord.

When a girl has a birthday the first week of school, it's like the whole world is preoccupied and it's hard to have a friend party. This year she kept asking for a friend party, so we started to plan. We talked about how many friends to have over, what the theme should be and the best date.....

Ta-da!  We planned a Slip-n-Slide Beach-Theme Party.

Birthday Girl Invitation.

Party Snack Table!

Birthday Shark!

Cue the "Jaws" Theme Music.

Flip Flops.

Little Bears in Floaties.




Happy Birthday, Larissa Ashley!!!

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