Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rose Island

While in the Bahamas, we took a catamaran snorkeling tour- a half day trip to snorkel off the coast of the wild and uninhabited Rose Island.  We could choose our adventure: Either be dropped off on the island to explore or stay on the boat to snorkel the reef.  Larissa wanted to check out the island.  Mark and Natalie wanted to snorkel. So, Larissa and myself along with a couple from Europe and a girl from Asia got off the boat...

Flying Cloud Catamaran

Waving goodbye

 Larissa and I walked along the beach, our bare feet in the sand, collecting seashells.  We snorkeled off the shore, visiting interesting fish and  finding more sea shells. Back on the island, we built a Junk Castle, using things we found along the beach.  Before we knew it- it was time to go. We left with a bag of sand and shells.
A window to the world...
A door to paradise...

Mark and Natalie took turns jumping off the boat and snorkeling.
Here are a few of the fish they met.

Beautiful, peaceful family day!

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  1. That's awesome! Love the pictures--I especially like "the window to the world." :-)