Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vacation 2013

Months ago, as we started planning our family vacation, we listed all the places we dreamed of going.  We looked at our budget.  We researched flights and hotels.... We noticed each of us kept talking about how much fun we had last year.... so, we decided to go back to the Bahamas.  This time, we decided to take only Natalie and Larissa, so we could spend some time doing things and relaxing with them.  We looked at the calendar, counting out the chemo dates to pick the best time.   I talked to my sister, Amy, about watching Olivia for the week...  A month after booking the tickets, we learned that my cancer was back and we made plans to start the new chemo, NK-102. 

Olivia was overjoyed to be spending a week with "My Amy" and her cousins, Coral, Phoenix and Terran.  The week before we left, we started packing and Olivia would pack a new bag every day and ask many times if this was the day she was going to "my Amy's" house?  August 26th came quickly.  With Olivia safely in 'her' Amy's care, we headed to the Bahamas.

Bucket list: Limo ride.  Check!

The Atlantis resort in the evening.
Spend most days floating together in tubes.
Snorkeling and swimming.

Wish you were here...

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