Friday, November 15, 2013

Meeting of the Minds

This morning, we had one more meeting of the minds before starting the new chemo, Eribulin (FDA approved July 2013.  Given on a 21 day cycle- days 1,7-  so Monday Dose  #1, next Monday Dose #2, the next Monday off, then repeat.)  We started with labs, so we went to the clinic infusion center waiting room.  A man was sitting in the chair next to the candy bowl.  Olivia gave him the stink eye. I handed her the bowl and she filled her hands and pockets. She asked Mark for a cup and he started filling it with water.  She yells, "NO!" Grandma trys to get her to page through a book with pictures of baby hats she will knit for Ashley and John's baby. She is not having any distraction and she is still asking for a cup. I get her a cup, she thanks me, then starts unloading the candy from her pocket into the cup. My name is called. I am told to head to the sink to run warm water over my hands to warm them up. That water is HOT, but worth it, because it only took 3 needle sticks to fill 8 lab tubes.

We go back the waiting room. Olivia starts eating candy.  Grandma reminds her to put her garbage in the garbage  can. She run over to the old white push-pedal can. Pure joy crosses Olivia's face using the foot pedal.  She starts looking around for more trash to throw.

My name is called and we are ushered to a room where my weight and vitals are taken and my pain meds reviewed. There is a knock on the door, then Dr Laudi and Deb walk in.  Dr. Laudi greets Olivia, but she holds her cup up to her eyes, trying to hide behind it. We all laugh.

Dr Laudi says hello and teases me for bringing Mark. He ask about my pain, my bowels, my weight, my nausea, my appetite...

Pain: No
Bowels: Diarrhea
Weight: Same as last appt, but down 25 pounds from May and down 60 pounds in 2 years
Nausea: Yes
Appetite: I say good, but Mark and my Mom disagree.

Dr Laudi is a little concerned about the diarrhea and nausea. He lists other meds we could use for nausea, Marinol, Ativan, Haldol, a scopolamine patch?  I laugh at the Haldol. I like the Zofran and will stick with that.

The plan is to start chemo on Monday, November 18.

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