Monday, March 10, 2014

California Roadtripping + Chemo 5/2

After my Chemo- Round 5/ Dose 2- I AM OUT OF HERE!  Olivia and I are heading west to California with my parents to visit my sister, Ashley, her fiancee, John, and hopefully to meet their new baby who is due TODAY.  Larissa was my chemo buddy this afternoon.  We had Jimmy-Johns sandwiches and lots of laughs.

Cookie as big as her face!




After chemo, we went back home so I could finish packing, get things settled for Mark, Nan, Larissa and Amore and wait for my parents
to pick Olivia and me up.
My parents are some serious roadtrippers.  My mom had worked her night shift the night before and slept during the day.  They took turns driving and sleeping while Olivia and I rode along.  It takes about 30 hours to drive about 2000 miles from Minnesota to Davis, California. 
Here are some moments from the trip:
In Iowa, being tall makes a person
a bathroom-stall-peeper.

Olivia burning some energy with Grandma.

Midwestern sunset.


Salad time

Olivia and Grandpa with a new friend.

Wet butt.


A bit surreal to watch Abraham Lincoln
get belted by a blizzard.

Wyoming snowstorms and accidents.


More snowy mountains ahead.


Check this out-

This Nevada Rest Stop is basically a shed
with a hole in the floor
and a plastic cone positioned over the hole
with a toilet seat attached.
Olivia took one quick look at that setup 
and suddenly
she didn't have to go potty anymore. 
My mom held Olivia above the seat,
her car keys
dangling dangerously from her finger,
over that ominous hole.
Olivia refused to give up her pee.
I grabbed the keys.
We laughed.
My mom said Olivia was lucky
she didn't drop the keys.
We would have had to send someone
down the hole after them...
someone very small.

Somehow, we expected a bit more
from gambling, glitzy Nevada. 

Nevada, thanks to you,
Olivia decided
it was better to hide under a blanket 
and better to pee and poop in a pull-up
rather than risk falling into your roadside hole.
We named this pull-up "Mr. Stinky." 
We asked Olivia,
"What should we do with Mr. Stinky?"
She suggested we throw Mr. Stinky
at the mountains. 
That wasn't even a choice.

Bye, Bye, Mr. Stinky.
Sweet Dreams, Nevada.
Sweet, Stinky dreams.

FYI to the people trying to sell stuff:
To people in the medical field
a "Blow-out" is a poopy diaper
that has exceeded it's maximum capacity
and then some.
"Blow-Out" as a marketing tool
either grosses us out
or makes us laugh
or brings up memories better left in the past.
A "Blow-Out" does not entice us to buy.


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