Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Maya Magnolia Frink!

We arrived in Davis, California after 11pm.  Ashley was lying in bed, looking at something on her computer.  We took one look at her and knew she was in labor.
Our mom sat down next to Ashley and asked, "How are you?" 
"A little uncomfortable." Ashley told us.
John reported some regular contractions.  And we encouraged Ashley to get up and take a short walk through the park behind their home. 
We were exhausted and got settled in for the night while John drove Ashley to the Sutter-Davis Birthing Center about 10 minutes away from their house. 
I woke up around 4:30am when they came back home to sleep, because contractions weren't getting closer.  Then, I woke up at around 6:00am, when Ashley's water broke and they were headed back in.
My sister is a brave woman.  Her baby was known to be in a breech-butt first position and doctors had been unable to manually move the baby to a head-down position.  The doctor would push on her abdomen and try to move and coax the baby, but the baby would always settle back into her favorite spot.  Ashley and John were seeing a Midwife for their prenatal care and were approached to speak to a filmmaker doing a documentary about the working relationships between Midwives and Obstetricians.  They were interested in filming a breech delivery. 
Ashley and John did their research.  They were not willing to put the baby or Ashley at risk, however, if the baby could be born without a surgical intervention, they wanted to try.  
The filmmaker had notified Ashley and John that she would be in California for 3 days around the baby's due date.  Ashley left it up to the baby if they would participate.
So this morning, as Ashley and John went back to the birthing center, a surgical team was assembling, in case a c-section was necessary, and the filmmaker was en route to film the birth. 
Maya Magnolia Frink was born March 12 at 8:55am.  She weighs 8 pounds, 3 ounces.  She was born breech and her birth will be part of this documentary:

Ashley, John and Maya

Baby Maya

Mama and Baby

Olivia falling in love

Maya and Grandpa

Look!  We have the same hair!

Congratulations, Ashley, John,
Mousie, Layla, Zorra,
George, Orange Kitty, Maisie
and Maya-
You have a beautiful family!


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