Saturday, March 15, 2014

"We come from the land of the ice and snow..." for some "California dreaming..."

This about sums it up!
Next to John and Ashley's Front Door.

We have had some beautiful days in sunny California.  We have been enjoying the park with everything green and growing!  This is an incredibly healing environment, especially for Minnesota people.  I usually need a few days to recover after chemo, but not here.  We have been taking long walks, playing with Olivia at the park, sitting together outside with bare feet.  It's those simple things that make me feel both peaceful and alive. 

Ashley and John brought Maya home on Friday, March 14. There is nothing quite like holding a baby.   It's fun to see my little sister as a mother.  I reminded her she used to refer to my children as "snot machines" when she was young.  She wasn't sure if she wanted children of her own.  She wondered, as we all do, if she was up for the job.  Ashley is one of the most compassionate, caring people I know.  She has already cared for many lives in this world.  It's funny how we sometimes don't see the most beautiful things, the most obvious things, in ourselves. 

I have enjoyed getting to know John.  He is kind, supportive and loving.  I am grateful and happy for them.  John's parents, Mary and Dan, invited us over to their house for dinner.  We had a lovely evening, talking and laughing. Olivia enjoyed playing in their backyard and meeting their chickens. 

John also gave my mom and me some accupuncture.  Ahhh... 
I love accupuncture.  

Some random pictures:

Napping in the sunshine.
Beautiful green spaces

Playing at the park.

Holding Maya!

Peeking into the stroller.

Olivia working on making some pretty jewelry
with a bead kit John's mother, Mary,
gave her.
This tree is next to John and Ashley's deck.
A squirrel lives in this tree,
 peeks around it and chatters
when we sit on the deck.
George lounging in the sunshine.
Maya and Mama.
We soaked her up.
All wrapped up and cuddled close.
 Thank you,
Ashley and John
for sharing your home,
your furry children,
and your sweet Maya with us!

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