Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A side effect of all this cancer and chemo is that I have lost about 40 pounds since last May and 75 pounds since my diagnosis.  My clothes look like I am a walking wardrobe malfunction.  My pants are falling down and the necklines on my shirts have become too revealing.  So, I went to try on some smaller clothes and thought I must have overdone it, because my left hip started hurting.  It was uncomfortable to sit or lie down.  The pain lasted all Easter weekend, so I called Dr. Laudi's office and they ordered an MRI for yesterday morning. 

Around 5:00pm, Dr. Laudi called and said my Lumbar spots looked the same.  He couldn't see the liver spot.  There are now 2 new small spots- one on my left pelvis/hip area and one on my left femur head.  He talked about starting radiation to the left hip, which would help the pain, but would damage the bone marrow.  He is concerned, because it has been 4 weeks since I have had any treatment.  He wants me to start another chemo, but first he wants me to have another biopsy. I will get chemo while I wait for the biopsy results.

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