Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Biopsy Fiasco

This morning, Mark and I headed into the hospital
for another biopsy of my Lumbar 4 tumor.
Here we go...
Instructions for putting on the gown,
so nothing improper sticks out.

Waiting to get this show on the road.

The consent said L3, not L4,
so I refused to sign it.


Trying to straighten things out
with Dr. Laudi, the clinic
and the hospital staff.
Seriously thinking about going AWOL.


Big Brother is watching.
My mom told me to moon him!

This is reassuring,
but only in a PR sort of way.

The consent was changed to L4, so I signed it.
I am not sure what happened. 
I got a lot of Versed and I fell asleep.
 I was done and heading back home at 1:00pm.
At 4:00pm, I was notified that everything went well,
so now we just wait some more.
Thank you
for all your thoughts and prayers
for me,
for my family,
and for all of my caregivers.
I am grateful.


  1. You're always in my prayers Sarah

  2. I just finished catching up on all your recent posts. Man, you got a lot going on! I am praying!