Monday, October 27, 2014

Chicago, Here we come!

After working two 12 hour shifts- getting off work at 9:30pm- we packed up the girls and the car and headed to Chicago. According to our phone GPS, only 6 hr 51 min to go.

How far would you go for a new treatment? For a potential CURE? And at what cost? For us, a 7 hr drive or a one hour flight seemed like small things.

6 hour 51 min
I'm thankful I have a husband that likes to drive. He let me sleep the whole way. We stopped in the morning to have breakfast a pecan waffle with whipped cream and crispy hashbrowns.


Then, it was off to Hospital Land. We checked in and handed over my medical records. We were roomed and waited for the doctor to come in. We ran down of the last five years of my life with breast cancer. We learned what the study would entail.

Waiting for the Doctor
Then, it was time for tests. First, the EKG and then a head CT. After all the tests were complete, we were told we had to wait a week or so for all the results. Then, it would determined if I met the criteria for the clinic trial.

After a day at the hospital, it was time for Chicago style pizza. Yummy!
We spent the night and headed back home the next day. First, we stopped a for doughnut.

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