Thursday, October 9, 2014

PET/CT Results

We did one more round of carboplatin. About a week later, Mark and I were out for a date night. I noticed I had been having increased back pain, so I asked Mark to call the clinic in the morning to see if we could move my scan date up.

They were in able to get me in the next day and I had orders to go straight to the clinic afterwards to read the results. Dr. Laudi pulled the scans up and they showed new tumors in my rib and the one in my lumber spine that was pushing into the spinal cord space causing the pain.

Olivia is bored.
Photo by Olivia of Dr. Laudi
as he ponders our next move
Dr. Laudi called the the research nurse to see if she had any clinical trials that I would qualify for. She had nothing. He referred me to the radiation clinic. I asked him about other hospitals that might have a clinical trials. We looked at the U of MN, but they had nothing. I asked about Chicago. We looked and they had one, but it was not open. Dr. Laudi said he would call in the morning to see what the status is of that clinical trial, if it would be opening soon and if I could get on it.

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