Thursday, November 13, 2014

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Don't we all wish we could fly away for the day and be back home in time to sleep in our own bed? This is my first solo trip to Chicago. The joy of working on the weekends is getting up 3:30 am to go to the airport.


I love Chicago Metro System! I can take the trains and buses everywhere I want to go. I need to take the trains first- the Blue Line from the airport to the Green Line to the end, then a bus ride or walk the 4 blocks to the hospital.


It's almost funny that I have to go all this way to get my blood pressure checked and to pee in a cup. It seems I could do those things most anywhere, but I have to follow the clinical trial. This trial may hold a potential cure for me or it may buy me more time on this earth. My inconveniences seem small compared to that, so I do it. Though, it does take a toll on our family and our pocket book.

Today, I traveled to Chicago for this:

And this:

Then, I moved on to some fun. I had a whole afternoon to myself. I decided to go to The Art Institute of Chicago. It's been about 16 years since I have been here. Just a small sample of the art I saw...

Then, it was time to take in The Magnificent Mile to do some window shopping. I stopped for a treat before I caught the train.

Wow! What a long day! I took the trains. Waiting for the plane...

and in about an hour...the automobile.

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