Saturday, July 4, 2015

Let Freedom Ring!

I woke up with nausea and shortness of breath this morning. Since my last hemoglobin= 7.9, Dr. Laudi ordered a unit of blood. When Mark and I got to the hospital, I walked from the handicapped parking spaces to a bench outside the Emergency Room at Mercy Hospital. I couldn't go any further. It was hard to breathe. 

Mark got a wheelchair and brought me into the Short Stay Unit. Nurses got my blood started, then Mark ran home to care for the kids and dog. I told him I should be done around 3:30pm and he would pick me up then. 

Dr. Laudi was the Oncologist on-call this weekend. He checked my labs and said my calcium level was too high. He convinced me to be admitted to the hospital overnight for IV fluids and a pamidronate infusion. They tapped my abdomen again and got 1.4 liters of fluid. 

My mom and dad just visited and brought me some treats and a Dairy Queen Blizzard that I ended up spilling on my soft blanket I had brought with me from home. They took it home to wash and my dad will bring it back when it's done. 

Mark took the girls swimming today at the home of very dear friend and his family. I am dozing at the hospital after I convinced my mom I don't need her to stay the night. Mark will stop by later. For now, I will rest, because in the morning, I am blowing this pop stand!


  1. My mom didn't know how to leave a comment--she wanted me to be sure to let you know that she's keeping you in prayer and thoughts.

  2. There's a little more to this story... When her dad came back to the hospital with the blanket, Coon Rapids started shooting off their city fireworks from near the college. They had a perfect view from the room. She was able to share her last fireworks show with the guy she shared her first. She was very happy for that shared moment.