Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tap and New Drug

My liver is failing.

People tell me I look jaundiced. I tell my sister in California I look tan. 

I have ascites in my abdomen.

I turned in my paperwork at work for a Medical Leave of Absence. 

Last night, Olivia crashed her scooter. I cleaned skinned knees, put on bandaids, gave magic mama kisses and a popsicle. 

This morning, I was NPO at 9:00am. Mark and I went to the hospital at 11:45 for a procedure at 1:30pm to tap fluid from my abdomen. They expected to get 200-300ml of fluid. They got 1000ml. My liver labs are off the charts, the highest Dr. Laudi has ever seen in someone still walking around and smiling. 

I started a new drug (can't remember the name at the moment) that creates antibodies against the cancer cells. It's very expensive. It is given IV. I am also trying to obtain cannibas oil, the new wonder drug. These things could slow the cancer down, maybe give me more time, but all we really have is now. 

For now, I feel exhausted and irritated and just want to wrap myself in prayers and sleep off all the drugs I got today...

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