Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treatment Plan

We met with Dr. Laudi for our treatment plan:

-AC chemotherapy given IV every 3 weeks X 6 rounds.
-The A is Adriamycin (or Doxorubicin)- side effects: mouth sores, hair loss. Adriamycin is cardiotoxic- or hard on the heart- so there is only a certain amount a person can get in their lifetime.
-The C is Cyclophosphamide (or Cytoxan)- side effects: nausea/ vomiting, bladder lining irritation.
Both of these chemos will cause my white blood cell count to drop, so I will have increased risk of infection. I will have to wear a mask when I am in crowds.

The day after I get chemo, I will go back in for an injection of Neulasta, which helps boost my white blood cell count. Side effect: bone pain.

-ECHO done- to get a baseline of my heart function
-Meds: Fentanyl patch 25 mcg
Dilaudid prn
Zofran prn for nausea
Marinol prn for nausea

I will have labs drawn every 7-10 days to monitor blood counts.
I start chemo tomorrow... with a baby on board...

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