Monday, February 17, 2014

Seasons: Round 4, Dose 2

Valentine's Day has passed,
so before we picked my mom up for chemo today,
Olivia and I stopped at Target
and found some cool stuff on clearance. 
I know Kohls has a "Lowest Prices of the Season Sale"
-like once a week-
and I am reminded...
to everything there is a season.

There is a time to color Hello Kitty.

A Time to munch on Valentine Treats at 50% off!

A Time to apply Valentine Chapstick

carefully to "my yips."

 There is a Time to Smile.

A Time to Dance

and skip

(turn, turn, turn)

and a Time to put your hand up in the air
just because it's fun

to twirl dizzy-fast.

There is a Time to check out who else is going potty.

And a Time NOT to be defined
by what life puts in your path.

There is a Time to cuddle with Mom,

while she rubs your back
and makes you feel safe and warm.


"To everything,
there is a season.
And a time to every purpose
under Heaven."

-Pete Seeger (May 3, 1919- January 27, 2014),
may he rest in Peace

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  1. She is so beautiful and this post is so beautiful. YOu are an incredible writer Sarah with such depth!